Free To Shine

Experience Design / Annual Report / Marketing Collateral / 2019

Free To Shine are a child protection NGO working to keep at risk Cambodian girls in  school and safe from exploitation and trafficking. During a three month period I volunteered as a designer helping on various projects including the Annual Report, marketing material and their visitor experience. They have developed an experience inspired by the Choose Your Own Adventure books called ‘A Mile in Serey’s Shoes’. It is an alternative revenue stream as well as an activity to educate and give visitors the Cambodian ‘experience’ without exploiting families. I helped structuring the storytelling of the report by adding case studies, visual graphics and finding visual ways to express what was previously long form copy. Previously, the visitor experience was delivered as a text heavy presentation, I worked closely with the team to design a more interactive experience.​  |  +41 79 485 93 58  |  +44 75 26 850 349

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